75th Tata Steel Chess 2013 R11: Anish Giri – Fabiano Caruana 1-0

Anish Giri went for a King assault against Fabiano Caruana in a Catalan in Round 11 at the 75th Tata Steel Chess 2013. The Italian’s greed in a Catalan was punished severely by the Dutchman who could chose between many roads to victory. Black is up a pawn, but very passive and within a few moves his position becomes indefensible: 22.Nd5 Nxd5 23.Rxd5 b6 24.Bb2 a5 25.Ra4 Re8 26.Rg5 g6 27.Bd5 Kf8 28.Rf4 and without waiting for 28…Re7 29.Qc3 Caruana resigned. Replay the game with Chess King, watch the post-game video comment, and read a full round report on Chess Blog.

Giri,A (2720) – Caruana,F (2781)

Result: 1-0
Site: Wijk aan Zee NED
Date: 2013.01.25

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.¤f3 c6 4.¤c3 dxc4 5.a4 ¥b4 6.g3 ¤f6 7.¥g2 ¤bd7 8.O-O O-O 9.£c2 £a5 10.¤a2 ¥d6 11.£xc4 ¤b6 12.£c2 £xa4 13.b3 £a5 14.¤e5 ¤bd7 15.¤c4 £c7 16.¤xd6 £xd6 17.¦d1 e5 18.¤c3 exd4 19.¥a3 c5 20.e3 d3 21.¦xd3 £b8 22.¤d5 ¤xd5 23.¦xd5 b6 24.¥b2 a5 25.¦a4 ¦e8 26.¦g5 g6 27.¥d5 ¢f8 28.¦f4

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    the two youngsters but lately giri has been a little away from chess i hardly see him play

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