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Happy Chess Tonight with the Halloween Chess Gambit!

The Halloween Gambit (also known as the Müller–Schulze Gambit or Leipzig Gambit) is an aggressive chess opening gambit in which White sacrifices a knight early-on for a single pawn. The opening is an offshoot of the normally staid Four Knights Game and is defined by the moves:
1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. Nc3 Nf6
4. Nxe5?

( Psst… something spooky here tonight…)

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Smart Chess Tactics: Petrosian – Mamedyarova 1-0

Chess tactics add spark to a chess game apart from, of course, getting home the winning point. In this position, White is to play. What neat chess trick did White use?

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Botvinnik Chess Magic: White to Play

Botvinnik’s chess will continue to delight us so, let’s see… what do you think was his magic move as White?

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Cool Chess Blitz Video: Antoaneta Stefanova – Alexandra Kosteniuk 0-1

12th Women’s World Chess Champion and Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk wins this chess game against Antoaneta Stefanova, at the 2010 Women’s World Blitz Championship in Moscow, Russia.

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Super-Sharp Chess Attack: Grischuk vs G Tatarliev 1-0

GM Alexander Grischuk is an amazing chess talent from Russia. Here is a super-sharp chess attack with White forcing a win. How did White play this?

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Why Russia’s Chess Queen Trains with Chess King?

Do you know that the 12th Women’s World Chess Champion, Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk trains with Chess King? She recently not only won the Chess Olympiad gold as a member of the Russian women’s team, but also the individual gold for her 2639 performance on the third board (7.5/9, 6 wins and 3 draws, no losses). You can read all about this solid chess performance at the Chess Queen blog. Here is the Chess King video on how to use Chess King.

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Winning Chess Puzzle: White Wins

Can you find the winning combination for White in this chess position taken? A strong player never lets an opponent escape easily once a winning edge is obtained!

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Capablanca Chess Endgame: What’s White’s Magic Move?

The Russian system of chess learning begins with the endgame. Here’s a chess puzzle just to pep you up for endgame studies. Can you find the cool magic winning move for White in this chess endgame?

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Logic Chess Puzzle: White Checkmates in Three

Are your chess tactics batteries working fine today? Try this chess puzzle: White checkmates in three!
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Chess Advantage from Day 1 – Beginner Chess Super Combo (6-Disk): Save $58!

All one needs to begin at chess and advance to intermediate level. Click to purchase.

Contains the perfect combination of educational and entertainment tools to grasp the basics of chess: Interactive chess teaching programs, DVD-video instruction, and complete chess playing program. 6 disks providing an incredible value.

1) INTERACTIVE CD-ROM (both PC and Mac versions included on disc!!!) Listen to Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk as she gives you in her own voice training on how to play chess, from absolute beginner on, including hints and tips on how to win your games. Practice what you’ve learned by playing against dinosaurs of different levels ad solving fun games.

2) Chess King Training Tactics 1

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World Chess Champion Puzzle: Kramnik Wins with Black

LEVEL: Intermediate
CATEGORY: Middle Game

From the game Arkady Naiditsch – Vladimir Kramnik, Dortmund 2009. Black plays and wins. This puzzle comes to you from our super chess puzzle podcast database

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Coffee-Time Chess Puzzle: White Checkmates in Three

It’s time for a chess break. Can you help White checkmate in three. It’s not as difficult as it looks.

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Easy Chess Time: White to Checkmate in Two

Here’s a simple checkmate in two for White. Do you remember your checkmating patterns? Solving tactical puzzles on a daily basis is the easiest way to improve your chess. Chess King readers are welcome to send in their favorite chess puzzles.
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Combination Chess: How did White Win?

Here’s a neat win played out by White. What killer combination did White use to checkmate?

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Quick Chess Puzzle: White Checkmates in Two

No time for coffee, but got a few minutes for a chess puzzle? How did White checkmate in two?

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Buy 1 Chess King and Get 4 Activations PC or Mac

Chess lovers use different computer platforms, either between home or office, or among family members. There’s a lovely Chess King limited time offer for you: Get just one version of Chess King 4 Mac or Chess King 4 Pro PC and get BOTH the Mac and the PC version for the same price! You can choose either download or even the DVD. If you order the Chess King 4 Mac DVD you will get also the Chess King 4 PC DVD, at no additional charge! 2 DVD’s or downloads for the price of 1!

This is possible since you can have up to 4 installs/activations per Chess King, so you are free to split them any way you want among PC’s and Macs in your household.

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Baku Chess Grand Prix R1: Caruana, Gelfand Win

The first edition of the FIDE Grand Prix series 2014-2015 has begun in Baku at the the Cultural Event Center. The tournament’s opening ceremony was attended by chess officials, sponsors, national and international chess media. From 2nd till 14 of October over eleven rounds, the strongest players in the world will compete in the round robin tournament. The opening ceremony started with a one-minute of silence to honor the memory of one of the leading chess players of Azerbaijan Vugar Hashimov. The ceremony proceeded with a short documentary, showing the development of chess in Azerbaijan. Speakers at the event included the Minister of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Republic Azad Rahimov, President of Azerbaijan Chess Federation Elman Rustamov and FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Read a summary report at Chess Blog. Below are all the games of Round 1.

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