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No Fireworks Yet @ Chennai World Chess Championship Game 2: Anand – Carlsen 1/2 – 1/2

The second game of the FIDE World Championship Match saw another repetition of moves and the draw was agreed on move 25. Defending champion Viswanathan Anand started with 1.e4 and the challenger Carlsen responded with Caro-Kann defence, which was a slight surprise as Anand said in the press conference. Carlsen rarely uses Caro-Kann. The last time being back in 2011. Anand had recent experience in this line as he won a nice game against GM Ding Liren, but this time he deviated on move 14 by choosing the seemingly sharper 14.0-0-0. Replay the game with Chess King. You will find more news updates on our Chess Blog and the official website.
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World Chess Match Chennai Game 1: Carlsen applies “emergency brakes,” settles for 16-Move Draw with Anand

World Chess Match 2013 Game 1 no fireworks. World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen went for 1.Nf3 flowing into an offbeat double fianchetto, but by the 16th move, as he confessed at the press conference, had to “apply the emergency brakes” and accept World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand’s draw by repetition. Chess fans worldwide, a tad disappointed, still viewed it as a moral victory for the World Champion as Vishy Anand held an easy draw with Black. Viswanathan Anand plays White in the second game on Sunday tomorrow. Meanwhile, replay the game below with Houdini analysis. More news reports on the World Chess Championship are up on Chess Blog.
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White Forces a Quick Checkmate: Kamsky – Spassov 1-0

Here is the Chess King puzzle for the day. In this chess position, White is a piece up and should win eventually. However, White found a nice way to force a checkmate soon enough. Can you play like white in this game Kamsky – Spassov, Tilburg, 1992?

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Alert Chess Moves: Find White’s Strong Winning Lines

It’s a simple position between Khalifman and Popov, St Petersburg, 1997. White played a killer move, what was it? Actually White has two winning lines, one stronger though. See if you can work out both.
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World Champion Chess: Anand – Van Wely, Monaco 2007 1-0

Here is a gem of a chess puzzle from the game Viswanathan Anand – loek van Wely, Monaco, 2007. Can you see how White plays and wins? For the answer you need to replay the video below that comes from the award-winning database of chess podcasts at

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Magic Chess Move: White to Play for Win

Time to take a look at a nice chess puzzle even though all roads seem to lead to Chennai right now for the World Chess Championship. Here’s a cool chess position. White to play for win… how?
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High Level of Chess Prep: Radjabov – Anand 1-0

LEVEL: Intermediate
CATEGORY: Middle Game

From the game Radjabov – Anand of the 2006 Blitz World Championship, white wins in the Poisoned Pawn Sicilian Defence.

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Spooktacular Chess Attack: Happy Halloween with Alexandra Kosteniuk – Daria Charochkina 1-0 Analysis

Nothing is more scary than a killer attack in a chess game. we celebrate this Halloween with this spectacular… er… spooktacular chess attack played at the Russian Chess Superfinal 2013 in the women’s section. Truly, a great win by the 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk. Enjoy the game and the analysis by the Chess Queen™.
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