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Smart-Checkmate Chess Puzzle: Vassily Ivanchuk – Bozidar Ivanovic 1-0

Here’s a position from the game of a very talented yet, possibly, the most unpredictable (playing strength-wise) Grandmaster of our times – Vassily Ivanchuk. This game was played in New York in 1988 against Bozidar Ivanovic. White to play and win.
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Checkmate Chess Puzzle: Almira Skripchenko – Ralph Zimmer 1-0

Finding a checkmate in two on the board during a chess game in a top tournament is a delight in itself. Here is a checkmate that came GM Almira Skripchenko’s way against Ralph Zimmer in Bad Mondorf, 1991. Can you see what White played?
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Quickie Chess Puzzle: White Wins

Here’s a fast and quick chess puzzle. The position is from the game M Calzetta – K White in Gibraltar, 2005. White to play and win.
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Checkmate Chess Puzzle: Bent Larsen – Zoltan Ribli 1-0

A cool checkmate in two from the game Bent Larsen – Zoltan Ribli played in Ribli, Riga, 1979.
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Sunday Chess Class: Viswanathan Anand – Loek van Wely 1-0

A sure way to improve your chess is to study how World Chess Champions play. It’s a bonus when another World Chess Champion explains it all to you. So, sit back and let the 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk show you how Vishy Anand went for a win in Monaco. This puzzle is brought to you by – the #1 chess podcast website which is FREE.
LEVEL: Intermediate
CATEGORY: Middle Game
From the game Anand – Van Wely, Monaco 2007.
White plays and wins.

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Weekend Chess Trick: Johannes Zukertort – Adolf Anderssen 1-0

Here is another position from classical chess games. This chess puzzle comes to you from the game Johannes Zukertort – Adolf Anderssen. The place was Breslau and the year was 1865. Can you figure out how White won? It’s way too easy.
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