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Magic Chess Move: Spot Smyslov’s Idea!

What's Smyslov's 25th Move?

A magic move not only wrecks the opponent’s position, but is extra valuable for its elegance. The great chess grandmasters of yore were known for that special elegance in their chess moves far removed from the brute force of computers. Vasily Smyslov was one such World Chess Champion. In the position, what was White’s 25th move? For the answer, run the game through Chess King.

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Fischer’s Chess Game of Four Queens: Dare to Draw Petrosian!

Tango with Chess Queens

The year was 1959. The masters were Robert James Fischer and Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian. Imagine having four chess queens on the board and the game ending in a draw. That’s as close as it could get. A game that must be studied and remembered. You can improve your chess training by finding master games in Giga King with Chess King. Games are available since the ‘beginning of time’!
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Smashin’ Chess All Over the Board: Kasparov-Topalov 1-0

Gladiators Two

For Galactic history, Wijk aan Zee is surely going to be remembered as that super chess outpost on Planet Earth where the world’s best have battled at least once! Here is one such nugget from the traditional Wijk aan Zee tournament in 1999. They are all over the board in this one! (It’s another thing that Kasparov were to lose his last game to Topalov just before retiring in Linares later on.)

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Chess King – Guaranteed More Rating Points for You with Scientific Training

Chess King Video software Tutorial #1 by Steve Lopez. Description of the affordable ($49 with coupon) and powerful chess software Chess King with Houdini 2. With Chess King you can play chess, solve puzzles, analyze your games with the strongest engine available and have access to more than the 5 million game GigaKing database. At the moment there is a Coupon Code INTROKING50 that will let you save $50 from the list $99 price of Chess King!

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Jermuk Chess Grand Prix: Lethal Pawn Roll in Humpy Win

Lethal Pawn Roll

The Women’s Chess Grand Prix is currently on in Jermuk and six rounds have been played so far before the first rest day on Monday. India’s Koneru Humpy, one of the strongest women chess players in the world, showed a basic idea to fetch a win in the sixth round: The central pawn roll. The tournament report is available at Chess Blog.

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Sparkassen Chess Meet: Caruana Beats Kramnik, Takes Title

The Dortmund Gang

Chess is a great leveler! Just when defending champion Russia’s Vladimir Kramnik was cruising along to another title win at the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meet, Italy’s Fabiano Caruana came along and spoiled the fun. Caruna, who had missed the Tal Memorial title earlier this year with some self-destructive play, managed to stay on course in Dortmund. He has just won the title for 2012 ahead of Russia’s Sergey Karjakin on tiebreak. Here is the nice Caruana-Kramnik game. The Dortmund Sparkassen 2012 report is now up at Chess Blog.

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Quick Chess Tactic Training: Do it the Right Way with Chess King

White to play and checkmate in two

Solving checkmates in two is the easiest way to improve your tactical strength. However, random solving of chess puzzles is not as effective as proper training with Chess King’s special leveling feature. Chess King introduces for the first time, the concept of leveling in chess. You get to move up to the next level only once you have solved the complete set of puzzles at one level. This helps you evaluate your tactical strength at regular intervals and keep track of your chess training progress. Find great combo deals for your copy of the Chess King. Meanwhile, here is the solution to the puzzle on the left.
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Dutch Chess Nationals R1: Anish Giri-Ivan Sokolov 1-0

GM Anish Giri


Anish Giri is leading at the Dutch Championship with a nice 4.5/5 lead. Right behind him are Robin Van Kampen, Erwin L’Ami, Ivan Sokolov, Sipke Ernst and Robin Swinkels. Here is the nice game from Round 1 in which Giri beat Sokolov.

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Women’s Chess Grand Prix Jermuk: Two to Tango-Yifan, Humpy Draw

World Champion Hou Yifan

Women’s world chess champion Hou Yifan and her previous challenger Koneru Humpy always spark interest whenever they meet again across the chessboard. All their subsequent encounters so far – after the world title clash – have ended in draws. But, fighting draws at that. Here’s another encounter from the fourth round between the two top women’s chess players. The Jermuk Women’s Chess Grand Prix Round 4 report is now up at Chess Blog.
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Women’s Chess Grand Prix: Wenjun Goes for Rook Sac

What's a Rook!

Ju Wenjun of China has taken sole lead at the Women’s Chess Grand Prix in Jermuk with a nice win joint overnight leader Ruan Lufei, also of China, after four rounds. Here is the drawish-game-turned-into win between Wenjun and Lufei. The full report is up now at Chess Blog.

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Master Chess Game: Botvinnik vs Capablanca 1-0

The one and only Mikhail Botvinnik

Chess games of the masters are a fascinating learning and entertaining experience. When a master takes on a master, it becomes a chess game to be immortalized. Here is one such game. This game was played in Amsterdam in 1938. You can find all such great games from the ‘beginning of time’ with the GigaKing chess game database that comes with Chess King. CHESS KING and CHESS KING PRO are IN STOCK for an introduction price of only $49/$99, including the full GigaKing database and Houdini 2, the world’s chess engine leader. Take advantage of the $50 while it lasts and of the great combo deals.

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Women’s Chess Grand Prix Jermuk R1: Kovalevskaya-Kosintseva 1-0

Jermuk Women's Chess Grand Prix Round 1

The fifth part of the women’s chess grand prix has begun in Jermuk. The tournament began with three decisive games in the first round. Here is the Ekaterina Kovalevskaya – Kosintseva Nadezhda that fetched a win for White. A tournament report is available at Chess Blog.

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Magic Chess Move – Spot Shirov Move Even Computers Can’t Find!

What's Black's Magic Move? 47... ?

Spanish Grandmaster Alexei Shirov has been known for his fierce competitive spirit and exciting chess. This is a position from a game he played as Black against another very strong Grandmaster – the former world chess champion Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria. This game was played in 1998 in Linares Can you spot the 47th move that Shirov played in this position as Black? Don’t worry if you cannot… because, in all probability, even your chess engine won’t spot it!

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World Chess Round-Robin 2005: Kasimdzhanov-Anand 1-0

Every Game is a Test

The FIDE World Chess Championship 2005 took place in Potrero de los Funes, San Luis Province in Argentina from September 27 to October 16, 2005. It was won by Veselin Topalov. But, one of the most talked about games was Rustam Kasimdzhanov-Viswanathan Anand. Kasimdzhanov was rated more than 100 points below Ananad at that time. Anand and Svidler both finished second with 8.5 points, while Topalov scored an impressive 10.5. In the face of criticism of the knockout FIDE World Chess Championships held from 1998 to 2004, FIDE made changes for its World Chess Championship in 2005. It used normal (slow) time controls (unlike the 2002 and 2004 knockout tournaments), and changed the format to an eight-player, double round-robin event. Later, Anand had also named Kasimdzhanov as his second for the World Chess Championship in 2008 against Vladimir Kramnik.
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Sparkassen Chess Meet: Kramnik the Terminator

Kramnik - The Terminator

The Sparkassen Chess Meet has begun in Dortmund. Four rounds have been played. Ruslan Ponomariov and Vladimir Kramnik are in joint lead. The tournament runs from July 13-22 and is the 41st edition annual Sparkassen Chess-Meeting. Here is a great game from Round 2 between Gustafsson and Kramnik. Must-watch!

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ACP Golden Chess Classic: Sasikiran-Muzychuk 0-1

Anna Muzychuk - As strong as they come

The ACP Golden Classic that re-introduces the concept of adjournments has already witnessed an exciting start. Several great games have already been played. Here is one of them with Anna Muzychuk beating Krishnan Sasikiran. You can track the tournament at the official website. In Round 1, all three games were decisive. Gata Kamsky beat Liem Le Quang and Vassily Ivanchuk beat Baadur Jobava as well.

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Swiss Chess Championship 2012: Korchnoi beats GM Gallagher but loses to GM Kosteniuk in Flims

Playing a legend: Kosteniuk takes on Korchnoi, 53 years her senior.

The beautiful Flims, Switzerland, is hosting the Swiss Open National Championship with a strong lineup including GMs Yannick Pelletier, Viktor Korchnoi (Kortschnoi/Kortchnoi), Joe Gallagher, Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk, and a few more Titled players. In an interesting encounter, in the third round, Kosteniuk beat Korchnoi and here is the game with Chess King. The standings after three rounds have GM Alexandra Kosteniuk (Rus / Sz) and IM Oliver Kurmann (Lucerne) leading with 2.5 points each. Track the Swiss chess event at official website. You can download or look at a PDF with full detailed analysis by Houdini 2 automatically generated by Chess King by clicking here. Take advantage of the $50 coupon INTROKING50 to get Chess King for only $49!

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Weekend Chess Tactic: Dearing-Kunte 0-1

Black to play and win

This game is from the British Chess Championship, 1999. White assumed that the pawn on f3 would take care of any attack down the a8-h1 diagonal, but maybe, he was wrong. Can you figure out how Black can win this position? You can replay the full game with Chess King.

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ACP Golden Classic R1: Gata Kamsky-Le Quang Liem 1-0

Gata Kamsky

The much-talked about ACP Golden Chess Classic that attempts to try the adjournment style of chess games once again has begun in Amsterdam. A game can be adjourned after the session of play – of full five hours – has finished. Either player can decide to adjourn after 40 moves even if the session has not ended. You can read more details at the official website. The very first game of the first round really didn’t need any adjournment. Gata Kamsky beat Le Quang Liem. Here is the game.

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Opera Chess Game: A Game Every Student Must Know

Do you remember Morphy's Opera Game?

Paul Charles Morphy (June 22, 1837 – July 10, 1884) was an American chess player. He is considered to have been the greatest chess master of his era and an unofficial World Chess Champion. He retired from the game while still young. The chess game played in 1858 at an opera house in Paris between Morphy and two strong amateurs – the German noble Duke Karl of Brunswick and the French aristocrat Count Isouard – has gone down in chess lore. Duke Karl and Count Isouard consulted together, playing as partners against Morphy. The game is often used by chess instructors to demonstrate the importance of rapid development of one’s pieces, the value of sacrifices in mating combinations, and other lessons.

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