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Tal Chess Memorial R7 Game: Tomashevsky-Morozevich 1-0

Play the Board not the Opponent!

Round 7 at the Tal Chess Memorial has a strange distinction. Something no one really expected. Both the leaders – Alexander Morozevich and Vladimir Kramnik – lost their games to players in the bottom half of the draw – Evgeny Tomashevsky and Luke McShane. Here is the Tomashevsky-Morozevich chess game from Round 7. Two more rounds are to be played in the event. The seventh edition of the tournament includes 10 top chess players.
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Tal Chess Memorial R6: Naka’s Inspirational Play Stumps Moro

M's a tough cookie

Russia’s Alexander Morozevich has been leading the Tal Chess Memorial with quite a lead for five rounds. He continues to lead after six rounds despite a loss to reigning US Chess Champion Hikaru Nakamura in an interesting game that displayed inspirational play by the latter. Morozevich launches a logical-enough attack but loses the thread somewhere in time trouble. Meanwhile, this loss allowed former World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik to catch up with Morozevich.

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Tal Chess R5: Aronian Pawn Chomp Aside, Morozevich Wins Encounter

Hulk Who?

Some very strong chess games are being played at the 7th Mikhail Tal Chess Memorial currently on in Moscow. The missiles and the fireworks are expected if you look at the lineup. Round 5 saw Russia’s Alexander Morozevich surge ahead in sole lead after Aronian’s piece sacrifice for several pawns failed to disturb the Russian’s focus. The seventh edition of this traditional chess tournament is a 10-player round robin and is being played from June 8-18. Rest days are June 11 and 15. The prize fund is 100,000 euros. You can watch excellent hi-definition live transmission at the official website. Here is the Aronian-Morozevich game in the Chess King game player that works great even on the iPad.

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Tal Chess Memorial: Grischuk Teaches How to Draw in the Face of Ballistic Carlsen Attack

They would say only a Russian could do this. We would say anyone could do it with Chess King. Actually! Here is a fantastic game from the ongoing 7th edition of the Tal Chess Memorial. Round 4 saw Magnus Carlsen – World No. 1 from Norway – play an all out attack with White against Russia’s Alexander Grischuk. Hold your breath and watch the game. Dare you play it in a tournament?

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Chess King is Hiring Chess Master

Thanks to the highly successful introduction of the Chess King™ software in December 2011, we are expanding into new projects and need your help to succeed. We’re looking for one (or more) energetic and cool chess master(s), with an excellent command of English, to participate in various chess projects, as a contractor and/or as a partner. Compensation will be paid based on qualifications and work done. Projects can be few or many, based on the desire of the master. Applicant can live anywhere, all work done by internet. Send applications or questions to with a 30-second MP3 file with own voice recorded. Join the leading team: Chess King™.

Pack an Extra Punch in Your Chess960 Training!

Chess King is the perfect platform for your complete Chess960 training, analyzing, and playing! We are sure Fischer would have recommended it. The debate on the issue of draws in chess was never so intense until lately. Give it to former world Chess Champion Bobby Fischer for having foreseen it all. He recommended Chess960 (or Fischer Random Chess). It was introduced in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in June 1996. The game employs the same board and pieces as standard chess, but the starting position of the pieces along the players’ first rank is randomized. The random setup makes the prospect of obtaining an advantage through the memorization of opening lines impracticable, compelling players to rely instead on their talent and creativity. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Prepare with Chess King to Beat World Chess Champion Vishy Anand!

We have just received a lot of queries from Chess King users about whether they could actually use this amazing software to prepare for a match against the World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand, his challenger Boris Gelfand, super-strong players like Peter Svidler… or, even Gary Kasparov!

Our answer is ‘Of course, Yes!’

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US Chess Championship 2012: Nakamura vs Kamsky Showdown in Penultimate Round

US Chess Champion 2012 Hikaru Nakamura - All Cylinders Firing

Hikaru Nakamura blazed through the last two rounds of the 2012 US Chess Championship on his way to the title a few weeks back. The penultimate  round earned him his first victory in  Classical Chess against defending champion Gata Kamsky. That deprived Kamsky of his  second successive triumph at the US Chess Championship. Kamsky had taken a half point lead going into the decisive clash that took place in the penultimate round, but ended a point behind.

Both players convincingly defeated former world title Candidate Yasser Seirawan. Nakamura defeated him in the last round to secure the title and the $40,000 first prize. Check out this ballistic Kamsky-Nakamura clash from the US Chess Championship 2012.

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