2012 World Chess Championship – Gelfand wins, pulls ahead of Anand 4-3

It took seven games to make it happen, but there’s finally a decisive result in a game of the 2012 World Chess Championship between champ Viswanathan Anand and challenger Boris Gelfand. In today’s seventh round game, Gelfand (with the White pieces) emerged victorious after thirty-eight moves.

A misstep on Anand’s part at the twenty-third move started the bleeding, and Black just couldn’t recover.

Here’s the game in replayable format, including Houdini 2 Pro’s analysis generated in the Chess King Pro interface:

Gelfand, Boris (2739) – Anand, Viswanathan (2799)

Result: 1-0
Site: Moscow
Date: 2012.05.20

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.¤c3 ¤f6 4.e3 e6 5.¤f3 a6 6.c5 ¤bd7 7.£c2 b6 8.cxb6 +0.228…¤xb6 +0.21 N

(8…£xb6 9.¥e2 c5 10.O-O ¦b8 11.¤a4 £a7 12.dxc5 ¤xc5 13.¤e5 …1-0, Kopicka Karel 2135 – Volek Radomir 2035 , Czech Republic 4/ 6/2008 Czech League 2007/08 (2nd) (b))
(8…c5 9.¥d3 £xb6 10.O-O ¥b7 11.¦d1 ¦c8 12.£e2 ¥e7 13.¤a4 …1/2-1/2, McGrane S – Ballon Guenther Jan 2195 , Isle of Man 1994 It (open))

9.¥d2 +0.119…c5 +0.1110.¦c1 +0.0510…cxd4 +0.0511.exd4 +0.0911…¥d6 +0.0912.¥g5 +0.0012…O-O +0.0013.¥d3 +0.0013…h6 +0.0014.¥h4 +0.0014…¥b7 +0.0315.O-O +0.0015…£b8 +0.18

(15…¥f4 +0.00 16.¦b1 +0.00 16…¤bd7 +0.00 17.¤a4 +0.00 17…a5 +0.00 18.¤c5 +0.04 18…¤xc5 +0.00)

16.¥g3 +0.0816…¦c8 +0.1117.£e2 +0.0917…¥xg3 +0.0918.hxg3 +0.0918…£d6 +0.0919.¦c2 +0.0919…¤bd7 +0.0920.¦fc1 +0.0920…¦ab8 +0.1721.¤a4 +0.1521…¤e4 +0.47

(21…¦xc2 +0.15 22.¦xc2 +0.18 22…¤e4 +0.11 23.£e1 +0.18 23…¥c6 +0.18)

22.¦xc8+ +0.4322…¥xc8 +0.3423.£c2 +0.2823…g5 ? +0.73

(23…¤df6 +0.29 24.¤e5 +0.26 24…¥d7 +0.22 25.¤c5 +0.22 25…¥e8 +0.26)

24.£c7 +0.7324…£xc7 +0.6725.¦xc7 +0.5925…f6 +1.16

(25…¤ef6 +0.60 26.¤c5 +0.52 26…¦a8 +0.56 27.b4 +0.56 27…¢f8 +0.64 28.¤e5 +0.72 28…¤xe5 +0.72 29.dxe5 +0.72)
(25…¢g7 +0.80 26.b3 +0.80 26…¤ef6 +0.80 27.¤c5 +0.72 27…¦a8 +0.72 28.¥xa6 +0.72 28…¥xa6 +0.68 29.¤xd7 +0.68)

26.¥xe4 +1.3326…dxe4 +1.4027.¤d2 +1.3227…f5 +1.46

(27…¢f8 +1.27 28.¤xe4 +1.17 28…¢e8 +1.36 29.¦a7 +1.45 29…¦b4 +1.65 30.¤d6+ +1.75 30…¢d8 +1.75 31.¤c5 +1.75)

28.¤c4 +1.4628…¤f6 +1.4629.¤c5 +1.4629…¤d5 +1.4630.¦a7 +1.5930…¤b4 +1.7731.¤e5 +1.5031…¤c2? +2.10

(31…¤d5 +1.45 32.¤c4 +1.45 32…¤f6 +1.55 33.¦c7 +1.75 33…¤d5 +1.45 34.¦a7 +1.75 34…¤f6 +1.55)

32.¤c6 +2.1032…¦xb2 +2.1033.¦c7 +2.1033…¦b1+ +4.30

(33…e3 +2.13 34.¦xc8+ +2.38 34…¢g7 +2.38 35.¤xe6+ +1.75 35…¢f6 +1.91 36.d5 +2.38 36…exf2+ +2.63)

34.¢h2 +4.3434…e3 +299.86

(34…¥b7 35.¤e7+ ¢g7 36.¤xb7 e3 37.¤xf5+ ¢g6 38.¤xe3 ¤xd4 39.¤c5 h5 40.¤c4 ¦a1 41.¦d7 ¤c2 42.a4 ¤b4 43.¦d6 ¦c1 44.¦xe6+ ¢g7 45.¦e4 ¦c2 46.f4 g4 47.¦d4 ¤c6 48.¦d6 ¤b4 49.¤e6+ ¢f7 50.¤e5+ ¢e7 (0:00:47) 34.Kh2)

35.¦xc8+ +299.8735…¢h7 +299.8736.¦c7+ +299.8836…¢h8 +299.8537.¤e5 +9.7037…e2 +12.9638.¤xe6

(38…¦h1+ 39.¢xh1 e1=£+ 40.¢h2 £xe5 41.dxe5 ¤b4 42.¤d4 h5 43.e6 ¤d5 44.¦f7 ¢g8 45.¤xf5 h4 46.¦g7+ ¢h8 47.e7 ¤c7 48.¦xg5 hxg3+ 49.¢xg3 ¤e8 50.¦g7 ¤xg7 51.¤xg7 ¢xg7 52.e8=£ a5 53.£e5+ ¢f7 54.£xa5 ¢e6 55.¢f4 ¢e7 56.£a6 ¢d7 57.g4 ¢c7 58.£a5+ ¢d6 59.g5 ¢e6 60.g6 ¢f6 61.£h5 ¢e7 62.g7 ¢d6 63.£e5+ ¢c6 64.g8=£ (0:03:16) 38.Nxe6)

And here are the moves in text format, sans analysis:
1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. e3 e6 5. Nf3 a6 6. c5 Nbd7 7. Qc2 b6 8. cxb6
Nxb6 9. Bd2 c5 10. Rc1 cxd4 11. exd4 Bd6 12. Bg5 O-O 13. Bd3 h6 14. Bh4 Bb7 15.
O-O Qb8 16. Bg3 Rc8 17. Qe2 Bxg3 18. hxg3 Qd6 19. Rc2 Nbd7 20. Rfc1 Rab8 21.
Na4 Ne4 22. Rxc8+ Bxc8 23. Qc2 g5 24. Qc7 Qxc7 25. Rxc7 f6 26. Bxe4 dxe4 27.
Nd2 f5 28. Nc4 Nf6 29. Nc5 Nd5 30. Ra7 Nb4 31. Ne5 Nc2 32. Nc6 Rxb2 33. Rc7
Rb1+ 34. Kh2 e3 35. Rxc8+ Kh7 36. Rc7+ Kh8 37. Ne5 e2 38. Nxe6 1-0

Have fun! – Steve Lopez

2 Responses to “2012 World Chess Championship – Gelfand wins, pulls ahead of Anand 4-3”

  • Ram Manoj says:

    I am disappointed after eagerly watching the game, for Vishy could have equally won the game from move 37.
    At move 37. Instead of Pawn(E3) to E2 move, if he played Rook(B1) to H1.

    So the moves for a Vishy win will look.
    37. Knight(C6) to E5, Rook(B1) to H1
    38. King(H2) to H1, Pawn(E3) to F2
    39. Knight(C5) to E6, Pawn(F2) to F1 (becomes queen) (check)
    40. King (H1) to H2, Queen(F1) to F4 (check)
    41. King (H2) to G1 or H1, Queen(F4) to E5 (removes White Knight)

    Vishy wins from here.
    All this if pawn becomes Queen at F1, in a classic game I am not sure.

    Anyways, Vishy should play some SuDoKu, to improve himself to get better ideas for a comeback in next game :)

  • Karsten Black says:

    Ram, I do believe you may be overlooking the white pawn at g3. B4 you go insulting the world champion, you might want to check the pawns on the board.

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