2012 World Chess Championship – Anand vs. Gelfand: Game 11, more of the same

Today’s penultimate game of the 2012 World Chess Championship between challenger Boris Gelfand and champion Viswanathan Anand ended in yet another draw. Materially at the end Black was a pawn up, which was offset by White’s Bishop pair with pawns on both sides of the board. Even the world’s strongest commercial chess program Houdini 2 Pro finds no way for either player to make headway (see the analysis below).

The match score now stands at 5.5. all, with one game left to play.

I’ll refrain from publicly making the comments I’ve made privately, because we’re trying to keep this blog “family friendly” and my language would be inappropriate under those circumstances.

Here’s the gamescore with analysis provided by Houdini 2 Pro running within the Chess King Pro interface:

Gelfand, Boris (2739) – Anand, Viswanathan (2799)

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: Moscow
Date: 2012.05.26

[…] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 e6 3.¤c3 ¥b4 4.e3 O-O 5.¥d3 d5 6.¤f3 c5 7.O-O dxc4 8.¥xc4 ¥d7 9.a3 ¥a5 10.£e2 ¥c6 11.¦d1 +0.1511…¥xc3 +0.15 N

(11…£e7 12.¥d2 ¥b6 13.dxc5 £xc5 14.b4 ¥xf3 15.gxf3 £h5 16.f4 …1-0, Iotov Valentin 2414 – Cheparinov Nedelcho 2272 , Plovdiv 2/21/2004 Memorial Tringov (open))
(11…¤bd7 12.d5 exd5 13.¤xd5 ¤b6 14.¤f4 £c7 15.¥a2 ¦ae8 16.¥d2 …0-1, Knaak Rainer 2515 – Jussupow Artur 2625 , Hamburg 1991 It (cat.11))

12.bxc3 +0.1512…¤bd7 +0.1613.¥d3 +0.0713…£a5 +0.26

(13…¥e4 +0.07 14.¥b2 +0.11 14…¥xd3 +0.07 15.£xd3 +0.07 15…£c7 +0.07 16.c4 +0.11 16…cxd4 +0.07)

14.c4 +0.1814…cxd4 +0.2215.exd4 +0.2415…£h5 +0.2916.¥f4 +0.2416…¦ac8 +0.1817.¤e5 +0.1317…£xe2 +0.1218.¥xe2 +0.1118…¤xe5 +0.1119.¥xe5 +0.1119…¦fd8 +0.1920.a4 +0.0920…¤e4 +0.0521.¦d3 +0.0021…f6 +0.0022.¥f4 +0.0622…¥e8 +0.1123.¦b3 +0.0023…¦xd4 +0.0024.¥e3 +0.00* 24…¦d7 25….

(25.¥xa7 ¤c5 26.¥xc5 ¦xc5 27.a5 ¦dc7 28.h3 ¥c6 29.f3 ¢f7 30.¢f2 e5 31.¥d3 h5 32.¢e2 ¦e7 33.¢f2 ¦c7 34.¢e2 (0:02:00) 24…Rd7)

And here is the raw “sushi” score. Please provide your own seasoning; you’ll need it:

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. e3 O-O 5. Bd3 d5 6. Nf3 c5 7. O-O dxc4 8. Bxc4
Bd7 9. a3 Ba5 10. Qe2 Bc6 11. Rd1 Bxc3 12. bxc3 Nbd7 13. Bd3 Qa5 14. c4 cxd4
15. exd4 Qh5 16. Bf4 Rac8 17. Ne5 Qxe2 18. Bxe2 Nxe5 19. Bxe5 Rfd8 20. a4 Ne4
21. Rd3 f6 22. Bf4 Be8 23. Rb3 Rxd4 24. Be3 Rd7 1/2-1/2

Have fun! — Steve Lopez

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